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CPS Technology & Infrastructure – Company Culture

Our mission at CPS Tech is enabling Australians to utilise and benefit from technology across work, life, and leisure: at the centre of achieving this mission are our People and Culture. In our competitive market, the need to retain and attract top talent is paramount: through our Team’s contribution, this certification as a “Great Place to work” is testament and recognition in our ability to deliver an awesome experience for our people. We are very proud of this achievement as we continue to grow and improve.

It is well documented that the average person spends around 1/3 of their life at work. Given that, right through CPS the prevailing attitude is to make that time as pleasant as possible.

That is to be achieved through implementation of our work and organisational Values. We seek to operate as an Employer that maintains an ongoing curiosity in the welfare of our workforce. We then implement avenues to make Employees’ careers and lives more fulfilling and enjoyable.

We aim to build on and nurture our reputation of being a great place to work. To achieve that we will support people in becoming the best versions of themselves. Understanding that a holistic approach to life will reflect well on all aspects of Employees life, We need to maintain awareness of balance. On a practical level, we encourage learning, self-awareness, and openness to change. Part of the assessment of management performance includes delivery on these objectives.

We make sure as people, we do as we say we will do. We promote that objective, and then reinforce it. We are enabled to trust that people taking on an issue will deal with it as appropriate.

We take our work seriously, ourselves not so. We laugh. We have fun together. We achieve outstanding results together.

Safety is paramount in what we do. We do not take unacceptable risks with peoples’ safety or property. We spend the time and energy to ensure our workmates, our contractors, our clients and the public are not exposed to risk.

As a group of people pursuing common goals, we are a community. We are responsible for looking after each other, the good of the Company, and our Customers.