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CPS Technology & Infrastructure works on a large number of telecommunications and infrastructure projects for major Australian Carriers and international companies.


CPS Technology & Infrastructure works on a large number of telecommunications and infrastructure projects. Our Clients include major Australian Telecommunications Carriers plus International Infrastructure Owners and Operators.
CPS is a leading ‘end-to-end’ specialist with turnkey site delivery, taking projects from inception to hand over with much of the scope being performed by our in house experts.
Our experience and expertise enables us to operate with minimal client input , or as we refer to it , with “a light touch”.

Mobile phone tower decommissioning

CPS has extensive experience in decommissioning projects for redundant and end of lease sites. These projects typically require sensitivity with site providers plus solid management and care to leave a site in the shape it was found prior to occupancy
By collaborating with Client property teams, CPS is able to identify redundant sites and negotiate early termination to save ongoing operating expenditure costs.
CPS are experts at site relocation and understand the urgency to market that goes with sites leases ending to ensure continuity of service.


Technology advancement continues to provide opportunities for our Clients to improve their networks.
CPS are experts at high volume, complex site upgrades ranging from simple internal works to full site reconfigurations.
Our skillset can perform all aspects and project types from complex Joint Venture sites as well as with Site Acquisition, Environmental Approvals and Engineering & Design
CPS can offer fixed-fee commercial packaging and also fast turn around Critical Performance reactive type sites, site troubleshooting and site life cycle maintenance.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

CPS has completed electric vehicle charging station infrastructure for global auto-maker Tesla.
We offer fleet consultation, vehicle procurement and the supply and install of EV charging stations and infrastructure nationally.
With in-house town planning, engineering, project management and building capabilities, we work with a range of stakeholders to ensure EV charging stations and fleets are tailored to clients’ specific needs.
CPS is ready to deliver the infrastructure required for the future of electric transportation.

Field survey

CPS performs field survey work for established infrastructure networks.

In recent years, we supported the National Broadband Network with a field survey and design review of its planned fibre roll out.

- 3,625km of duct inspected (equal to more than a quarter of the earths diameter)
- 125,000 infrastructure pits inspected
- 12,000 man hours of work per month
- more than 1.8 million photos captured

To facilitate the volume, we built bespoke technology that drove efficiency, quality and scale.

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