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In May 2016, CPS Global started community consultation for a low-impact telecommunications site (meaning no Council approval required). We received unprecedented community and media interest and scrutiny from certain community members, the local Council and Members of Parliament. As a result, the site was tagged as our clients’ highest profile site.

In spite of CPS Global’s efforts to provide as much information as possible and going beyond our obligations to demonstrate compliance and allow interested and affected parties the opportunity to comment on the proposal through additional consultation tools, numerous complaints were made to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) regarding the carriers compliance to the Industry Code. Upon thorough investigation of the matters raised in the complaints, ACMA confirmed that all consultation activities carried out by CPS Global were code compliant.

Four years since community consultation started, CPS managed to progress the site through a very challenging process to a point where construction has been completed and post-operational EME testing has been concluded. This marked the closure of all consultation commitments to the community and the successful delivery of the site.